About us

Welcome to our Sunny Family Style home.

You have found yourself in a warm and cozy place where you are always welcome and ready to offer you high-quality products made from natural linen: curtains, Japanese noren, and panels, tablecloths, and napkins, bed linen, covers for poufs and ottomans.

Linen is stylish and fashionable. This is what gives you a feeling of closeness to nature and, at the same time, belonging to sophistication and elitism.

I’m, Olga Fomina – the owner of this atelier, communicate in correspondence personally with each buyer. I am always ready to discuss with you absolutely all the nuances of your product and choose the best solution for you. I like what I do. So don’t hesitate, just email me. We will change the color and size of the curtain to the one that best suits your decor. The size of the tablecloth will absolutely match the size of your table. And even if you want us to hem the white tablecloth with black threads, we will it!

Because we work for you. To make your home more beautiful and more comfortable. So that you and your family feel good at home. So that your home has a Sunny Family Style.

We value your individuality.
We love doing something personal for you, just for your home.

Our achievements. As of the time this website was created, we have three years of experience working on the ETSY marketplace. During this time, we have received over 1500 sales and over 330 5-star reviews from customers on the Etsy marketplace. over 370 people have added us to their Favorite lists.

You can trust us because we love what we do and are proud of the products we sew. Join our Sunny Family! We give warmth and comfort! And the products that you purchase from us will serve you for many years.

Olga Fomina (owner of Sunny Family Style)

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